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Toward a sustainable blockchain

We, Green Farm, are a company specializing in the planning, construction, and operation of woody biomass power plants. We are focusing on the potential of blockchain as a disruptive technology that will revolutionize the future of society. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of bitcoin mining by using 100% renewable energy that does not increase carbon dioxide emissions, and to make blockchain technology sustainable in the future.

Takashi Kobayashi
Representative Director

Project Overview

Looking for Joint Venture Partners for Mining Business Using 100% Renewable Energy

Our company, which aims to achieve SDGs for crypto assets, is planning to build a 100% renewable energy biomass power plant using biomass fuel with people who can work together on this project.

This project will be carried out with the cooperation of New Energy Development Co., Ltd., which is a top runner in this field with an extensive track record of consulting, planning, and developing of biomass power generation projects throughout Japan.

Renewable Power and Bitcoin

The fuel used is 100% woody biomass, making it an environmentally friendly power source that is carbon neutral and does not increase carbon dioxide emissions. The electricity generated will be consumed in-house by our company for bitcoin mining, creating a sustainable mining system with a reduced environmental impact. The bitcoins mined through this process will be returned to the joint venture partners.

The green electricity certificates issued in the process will also be returned to the joint venture partners, who can use them in their own businesses.

SDGs and Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Environmental Issues

Bitcoin, which was created in 2008, has become a revolution in the financial sector, with a market capitalization of approximately 100 trillion yen and a daily trading volume of approximately 4 trillion yen as of September 1, 2021. In addition, Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain, are innovative technologies that are rapidly being put to practical use in non-financial fields, such as traceability and NFTs. At the same time, there is widespread concern that the large amount of electricity used for bitcoin mining will increase the environmental impact, and this has become a serious issue hindering the development of bitcoin.

Green Bitcoin

In May 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, concerned about the increased use of fossil fuels consumed in mining, announced that the company had suspended procedures for purchasing electric cars and other products using bitcoin. Although Musk later suggested that increasing the use of green energy for mining was a condition for resuming Bitcoin payments, a series of statements that shook the crypto asset community. Addressing environmental issues has become an urgent issue for all players involved with crypto assets. For Bitcoin and other crypto assets to develop sustainably in the future, it is essential to establish mining methods that do not have an impact on the environment.

Benefits of Becoming a Joint Venture​

Green Bitcoin

The green bitcoins obtained from mining will be returned to the partners.

Green Power Certificates

Green power certificates issued in the process of the self-consumption of electricity generated will be returned to the joint venture partners.

Benefits of Becoming a Joint Venture

Contribution to Environmental Conservation

Carbon-neutral biomass power generation is a new, environmentally friendly way of mining Bitcoin.

Creating a New Ecosystem

The creation of an ecosystem using green bitcoin, differentiated from bitcoin using 100% non-renewable energy.

Revenue Estimates

The following examples are only estimates and are not a guarantee of actual revenue.

The scale of power generation will vary depending on funding and operating conditions.

Total project cost

Approximately 3.3 billion yen

*Including power plant and mining equipment building.

Amount of power generated (per year)


*2,000khw x 7,800 hours (325 days)

Fuel cost (annual)

216 million yen

*Calculated based on fuel consumption of 24,000 tons (9,000 yen per ton).

Number of BTCs (per year)

117 BTC (equivalent to 585 million yen)

*2,000 units x 0.00018 BTC x 325 days
*1BTC = 5,000,000 yen

Green Power Certificates (annual)

7,129,200kwh (equivalent to 49,904,400 yen)

*15,600,000kwh x 0.457 (CO2 emission intensity / TEPCO, November 2020)
*Tested calculation using certified power generation amount kwh x 7 yen



We issued a press release of this project.

Join us for a joint venture in green bitcoin mining.

To achieve sustainable crypto-assets, we are seeking joint venture partners for a 100% renewable energy biomass power mining project.

Company Profile

Company name

Green farm Co.,Ltd.

Date founded

September, 2021


3 million yen (as of September 30, 2021)


Tanaka Yaesu Building 2F, 1-5-15 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Representative Director

Takashi Kobayashi

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